Twitch Streamer Swatted While Playing Pokémon Go Outside

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Normally, parks are a great place to chill and capture lots of monsters within Pokémon Go. This particular excursion, however, ended with cops pointing guns at a Pokémon Go player instead.


Summit1g, a Twitch streamer with 86 million views, was broadcasting a Pokémon Go playthrough at a park yesterday, only to have it interrupted by one of the most annoying and dangerous pranks on the internet:

As you can see in the video above, Summit1G actually suspects that the culprit who called the cops was a viewer who told the Twitch chat to keep their eyes on the stream within the next five minutes. As if on cue, the authorities showed up shortly after that message.

According to KKTV, the police were told that a man in the park had an “AK-47 or an AR” and that he had “planted remote bombs in the park and wants to kill cops.” Fortunately, the situation didn’t escalate and Summit1G was able to explain what was actually going on, and that he was only in the park to catch Pokémon.

“I offered to give [officers] a little information about what was happening because I kind of knew, considering it happens to other streamers all the time but more in their homes. You get someone’s address and you swat them. I never thought it would happen in a park,” Lazar told KKTV.

Summit1G actually kept streaming after his police encounter, as you can see below:

“It’s always got to be some type of dickbag on Twitch,” Summit1g said. “Literally all they’re doing is making cops waste their resources, and putting people in danger...that guy was pulling an M16 [rifle] out of his trunk...and I still got the fucking Charmander, bitch.”


One of these days, a swatting story is going to end in death. And it makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Fuck the people who do this shit.