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Twitch Plays Fallout 3 Is Off to a Terrible Start [UPDATE]

Illustration for article titled Twitch Plays iFallout 3/i Is Off to a Terrible Start [UPDATE]

They haven’t even made it out of the Vault yet.


Fallout 3 is a complex and challenging game when you play it the “normal” way. But, apparently when you have a bunch of people trying to feed Bethesda’s open-world action-RPG hybrid commands through chat, it’s enough to break the game. The live, bot-controlled playthrough of Fallout 3 has been stuck at a wall for hours now (as of the time of this writing), only a little ways into the opening moments of the game.


This is an inauspicious start, to be sure. But the Twitch Plays phenomenon has seen a hivemind of gamers stumble and ultimately succeed at game series like Pokemon. Heck, the collective attempt at Dark Souls was also a mess at first but eventually won out over that game’s hardest bosses. Keep your head up, Twitch Plays Fallout, you’ll get to Megaton... eventually.

Update: Looks like the folks putting this playthrough together have gotten things working. The adventure begins.

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Eventually they’ll build in the order delay, like they did with Pokemon and Dark souls and all the rest, and beat the game in a couple of weeks.

The first few days are the most fun. The utter chaos. The trolls. taking 2 hours to take 2 steps forward. It’s great.