Twitch Is Playing An Unreleased Pokémon Hack That Took Eight Years To Make

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Not only is Twitch Plays Pokémon still going in 2016, this time around it’s working its way through a very cool game that nobody else can play yet.

Pokémon Prism is a ROM hack that uses the original Game Boy aesthetic to render modern Pokémon creatures and features. Meaning: not only can you see some recent Pokémon in 8-bit goodness, you can also do things like customize your trainer. If you have lots of nostalgia for the original games but like some of the improvements of the latest generation, Prism sounds right up your alley:

Some things you’ll find in Prism:

  • 200 Pokémon
  • A new region with a new story
  • 20 badges
  • 60 FPS gameplay
  • The ability to play as Pokemon themselves

While Pokémon Prism isn’t out yet, the trailer says it’ll be publicly available to download in December. In the mean time, you can watch hundreds of people try to coordinate their Prism playthrough below—as many of you already know, the whole shtick is that the everyone in the chat can control the game. Didn’t you miss the frustration and wonder of TPP?


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Tamales y Atole

Remember when Lifehacker featured a webpage, everybody went to that page and the host couldn’t handle the traffic? We said that the page was “Lifehackered”

Now when Kotaku features some game (AM2R, Pokemon Uranium, this one) and Nintendo sends a DCMA/C&D/Takedown notice, should we call that Kotakued? KO’dtaku? Kotaken Down?