Twitch Actually Beat Metal Gear

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When Twitch users first began playing Metal Gear Ghost Babel, it was a disaster, and I said as much. It’s time to eat humble pie, though, because in the days since they’ve cleaned up their act and not only progressed through the game, they beat the damn thing.

Maybe a more “serious” core of players were left after the initial hours, I’m not sure, but over the weekend those who stuck with the project managed to kill a bunch of bad guys, clear some stealth sections and get the job done on a playthrough that lasted just under an hour.

In all, it took just over four days of work to get there, but considering how much tougher it is to play Metal Gear via crowd-sourced input commands (as opposed to something like Pokemon) it’s a great achievement.


Nicely done!

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Doctor Nein

Goddamn brilliant. I actually thought they wouldn’t make it.