The ModNation Racers Artist Spotlight shines on Twisted Metal creator and noted potty mouth David Jaffe, who manages to get censored only twice while discussing how bleeping amazing ModNation Racers is.

Last week the founder and CEO of Insomniac Games Ted Price took ModNation Racers for a spin, creating girlfriends for two of the studio's most beloved characters in the process. Eat Sleep Play founder David Jaffe spends more time tooling about with the upcoming racer's track editor, bypassing creating a girlfriend for God of War's Kratos, which is just as well. He'd just end up killing her anyway.

And while the final cut only contains two censor beeps, something about those quick edits suggests that Jaffe might had just as much difficulty containing his enthusiasm as he did when Kotaku last talked to him.


Kratos is one of four characters you can snag by preordering ModNation Racers at various retailers in advance of its May 25 release for PSP and PlayStation 3.


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