Twisted Metal Arcade Game Was Once Planned

Buried within the latest blog update from God of War and Twisted Metal producer David Jaffe is mention that at one point, someone, somewhere thought a Twisted Metal arcade game was a good idea and that there were hazy plans for Midway and Sony to collaborate on such a product. While that obviously never bore fruit — and more than likely never, ever will — to know that vehicular combat could have come to a Midway arcade cabinet is morbidly fascinating. Jaffe writes that he met with Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon way back in the mid-nineties to discuss such a venture, but that "nothing - clearly - ever came of it." Of course, this was when arcades were still viable and Twisted Metal was but a fledgling series. They were also the heady days of Cruis'n World and War Gods, two indicators that it was probably best for all involved that Twisted Metal Arcade never saw the light of day. Still, we'd love to have a peek into the alternate universe where it did. If only for the laughs! SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2008 []


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