Twelve Old Games, Fifteen Thousand Bucks

Let's say you had a little over US$15,000. And let's say you were in Tokyo. What would you do?

Chris Kohler over at recently put together a list of a dozen incredibly rare games on sale in Japan. There are only a couple hundred copies of some of these games, hence the insane prices collectors are willing to pay. These might not be the best games, but they are some of the hardest to find.


The list of games include hard to find Famicom copies of Gradius the Archimendes, a game made for bike maker Bridgestone and a dodgeball game that sells for $1,000.

Head on over to Wired for the full list and plenty of pretty pictures.

Ed's Note: This story has been edited to better credit the article's original author.

The 12 Most Expensive Videogames in Tokyo [Wired]

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