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TV Family Enjoys A Spot Of DS Homebrew?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Nintendo love to scour the dirtiest, most distant corners of the globe for people pirating their DS software. But do they ever check their TV sets?

Because if anyone from Nintendo of America had bothered to watch the latest episode of "Modern Family", they may have seen this kid. "Oh great!", they probably thought at first. "Free advertising!"


But the more observant of staffers would have noticed the odd colour of the cartridge stuck in the back of the DS. And then the cartridge's funny shape, smooth on one side, a hole on the other.

Yup, the hole where a microSD card goes. Meaning it's very likely the kid (don't watch the show, don't know his name) was using either an R4 cart, or a similar device. We don't for sure - I am also not involved in the show's production - but take a look for yourself.


Which doesn't necessarily mean he's a pirate! After all, the R4 isn't just for pirating games; it's also for enabling homebrew, a noble endeavour if ever there was one.

Not that Nintendo would care to make the distinction.

[thanks Greg!]