Turns Out There's Already at Least One Great Mario Party Drinking Game

In today's preview of Mario Party 9, I cracked that the game could easily inspire some great drinking games. As it turns out, the guys at "Drinking Games for Gamers" are way ahead of me, putting together a game called "Mario Party Down" with rules based on past Mario Party games.


They get extreme bonus points for including a Party Down reference right there in the title, as well as in the video itself. I wonder if these guys are into hard sci-fi.

I imagine that Mario Party 9's new captain-centric rules could only help get everyone drunker, faster. If you'd like to suggest more drinking games for "Drinking Games for Gamers," you can do so on their Facebook wall.

I'm sure they're not the only ones—if you've got your own Mario Party drinking game, do share.


Gilded Fox

I'm glad somebody can find a way to make this series entertaining. I've only played #8 and to be honest It's rather boring. I'm afraid I just don't see how this series has lasted this long.