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The whole drama surrounding whistle-blower organisation WikiLeaks has made for the juiciest political story in years. So it was only a matter of time before people started turning it into a video game.

Freshly-minted project WikiLeaks Stories is more interesting than just a single game based on Julian Assange and his team of international activists, though; it's a collection of games, a collaborative effort by indie developers to create a range and variety of titles which can do justice to the scale of WikiLeaks', well, leaks.


Already in development is a text adventure with at least one more game in the pipeline as well, with the idea being each title will be based on one of the organisation's leaks. They'll surely be joined by more once word gets round, though, so it'll be fascinating to see what people can come up with in a few weeks/months time.

WikiLeaks Stories [Gnomes Lair, via GameSetWatch]

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