Turning Video Game Food Into Real, Delicious Food

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Daniella Zelli is making me hungry. She runs a website called Gourmet Gaming, which exists solely to take the food found in video games and bring it into the real world.


Notice how video games never really feature bad food? It's always pies, or drumsticks, or pizza. The good stuff. Stuff that Zelli takes to with relish, with recent dishes including a pizza from Dead Rising 2, Fable II's apple pie, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night's cheesecake, pictured above. All perfectly recreated, all looking absolutely delicious.

For Halloween, she's whipping up a few of the treats found in Double-Fine's seasonal RPG Costume Quest. Cannot. Wait.

Gourmet Gaming [Gourmet Gaming, via GameSetWatch]

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Paradox me

Also, how has there not been a Portal cake yet? Too easy?