Turning Old Genres Into New Games

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A good adventure game needs two things: tricky puzzles and pretty graphics. Kaptain Brawe certainly has the latter covered.


It's a new point-and-click adventure game made in the style of old point-and-click adventure games (think Day of the Tentacle), and from what we played of the demo, Kaptain Brawe is shaping up quite nicely.

You control the above-mentioned Kaptain on a steampunk adventure, and as you'll see in the "that doesn't work" gag in the clip below, developers Cateia Games know how to get a laugh out of veteran adventure gamers.


You can buy the game now on PC and Mac (as well as download a demo), while an iPhone version should be out later this month.

Kaptain Brawe [Cateia, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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Does it follow the Adventure Game Creed: Steal Everything, and Use Everything on Everything?