Turning Half-Life Into a Dragonball Z Fighting Game

Earth's Special Forces is a mod for the original Half-Life's engine (not Half-Life 2's Source) that transforms Valve's shooter into a massive arena for Dragonball Z battles.

It's a third-person fighting game with a few different modes (you can team up for deathmatches, etc). Being a mod it's a constant work-in-progress, and comes with a warning that "there is a learning curve so newbies beware", but if that doesn't deter you, the mod can be downloaded below.

Earth's Special Forces mod for Half-Life [ModDB]

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As much as I enjoyed the show as a kid, it really has to be the worst storytelling possible. I have a HUGE pet peeve about cop-outs in stories that make nothing that happened matter. 'It was all just a dream', 'Use the dragonballs to bring everybody back to life..for the fifth time', etc. No death in Dragonball ever matters because they'll get wished back, and if they don't it doesn't really matter they just get a halo. The villain is always more powerful at first, Goku trains, then he screams and collects the power of all the people to win. Every time.

What a headache of a show!