Turn Out The Stars

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Greetings, camp Kotaku. It's friday evening, and that means it's officially the weekend! I hope you had a fun week. I sure did. We welcomed more simultaneous voices to Kotaku than... maybe ever?


Plus, we rolled out our plan to offer regularly programmed chunks of programming, sort of like we're a TV network. (They're still just regular Kotaku posts, though—we're not actually becoming a TV channel.)

I am really excited about this, too, especially about my "Kotaku Melodic" music thing on Thursdays. It'll start next week!

That image above is the late great pianist Bill Evans. I probably won't get to write about him since he didn't really do any video game music, but he's still amazing.

Anyway! I am blabbering, but this is your open thread. Here are a few things from around the internet today to aid you on your quest for fine conversation.


That's what I've got. Have good chatting, and a lovely weekend.



Any manga readers here? I've just got into Bakuman after hearing so much praise for it, and so far, about halfway through the second volume I'm really liking it. From the way Nizuma is being built up I think he might turn out to be my favorite "rival" character in any series. So yeah, Bakuman has me gripped. Any other series you've recently started or are really enjoying?