Turn Deus Ex: HR Into More of a PC Game

I played Deus Ex on PC. It was...OK, but didn't run as nicely as I thought it would, and didn't give me as much control over things as I would have liked. Know what it was missing? A debug mode. Know what we've got now?

A debug mode! How'd you guess?

A mod has been released for the game that gives the PC gamer access to all kinds of tweaks for the title, from the important (like skipping those unskippable intro splash screens) to the enjoyable (cheats like infinite energy) to the cosmetic (turning off the HUD).


You can even pick a level to skip straight to from the main menu of the game. All of which is perfect for my impending second playthrough, where I'm going to use double takedowns on every single character in the game until I'm Adam Jensen, the last half-man-half-elbow-knives on Earth.

Debug Menu Enabled [Eidos]

(Top image courtesy of Sharkelberry | SomethingAwful)

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