Tune In, Call Up, Talk Back: It's Time For Kotaku Talk Radio

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In this week's episode of Kotaku Talk Radio we'll be talking about Blizzcon, used game sales, World of Warcraft's latest expansion, why some people need to stop complaining about Playstation 3 Slim and a taste of an upcoming chip tune concert in San Francisco.


To listen, head over to our BlogTalkRadio page. Unfortunately, you can only listen live on the BlogTalkRadio website.

Want to be heard on Kotaku Talk Radio? Call us on the air at (347) 857-3782!

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This really takes up all your time, I've just realised that Kotaku hasn't updated at all while you've been doing this.

10:00AM Diablo

10:20AM 2K indie

10:40AM Amazon

10:50AM This

12:00PM Nothing