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Trying To Buy A Nintendo Switch In Japan: A Story In Four Photos

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Platinum Games developer Hideki Kamiya recently tried to get a Nintendo Switch. He documented the experience in four photos.

As Kotaku previously reported, it’s not easy getting a Switch in Japan! Things have been so difficult that Nintendo apologized.


We have no idea if Kamiya has another Switch (or if there’s one at Platinum’s office), but yesterday he posted this photo to Instagram.


The image shows the rules for buying a Switch at the Bic Camera in Kawasaki. This is actually for a raffle for the chance to buy a Switch, which is typical for popular items that are in short supply. People have to line up for this opportunity, and it’s not certain they’ll win the chance to purchase.

“To tell the truth,” Kamiya wrote, “I went to this sort of place today...”

“And I got this sort of thing put on...”

The pink wrist band reads “Today only” and has the number 646. This is his raffle number. If he wins, he can buy a Switch.


“And I passed the time at a place like this...”


The results of the raffle, with the winning numbers announced.

“Because of this sort of thing...”


“This happened...”

Better luck next time, Kamiya!

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