Try These Two Techniques To Earn a 1000-Hit Combo in God of War: Ascension (The Not-Fun Way)

There's a Trophy in the new PS3 game God of War: Ascension that rewards you for scoring a thousand-hit combo. Imagine the bloody combat artistry required to win this accolade! Imagine using the game's wonderfully-varied arsenal of combat maneuvers.


Or imagine the (possible) glitches players can find to earn this Trophy through just one tedious session of button-spamming.

I present two videos of methods I've found on YouTube but not been able to test myself. The video evidence argues are wholly workable. Try them yourselves and revel in the glory.

Chime in below if you discover a superior technique.

God of War: Ascension Easy 1000 Hit Combo Trophy []

God of War: Ascension - Unlimited Hit Combo Glitch [YouTube, uploaded by Gametastik]

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