Try Resistance: Retribution Two Months Early

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Resistance: Retribution could very well be one of the biggest PSP titles of the year, and now folks who pre-order from select retailers will get to play it a couple of months ahead of time.


Customers who pre-order Resistance: Retribution for the PSP from GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, or Game Crazy will receive a voucher code that allows them to download a demo of the game from the PlayStation Store to their PSP. The demo consists of some single-player gameplay along with the opportunity to try out the Resistance Connect multiplayer modes.

While some might worry over the fact that you have to pre-order the game to access the demo, just keep this in mind: A pre-order can be canceled, but a downloaded demo is forever, sort of.


Try Resistance: Retribution Two Months Before It Comes Out! [PlayStation.Blog]

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i hope this stupid fucking trend of only giving demos to people who already want would die...