Try And Guess How Many Gaming References Are In This Game (Hint: There's Billions)

Kotaku video editor Chris Person and I are really into Retro City Rampage, which is a parody of just about... every game we played as kids.


Chris played 13 minutes or so of the PS3 version of the game. You can watch that here and listen to us try to identify as many of the references as possible.

You can yell at us about what we missed below. Include a screencap if you'd like.


Retro City Rampage is out now on Vita, PS3 and computers. It's coming to XBox 360 and Wii down the road.

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Oh my god, I don't know why, maybe my eyes have been playing tricks on me for years, but I have always thought his name was spelled Tolito. My mind was blown when he said Stephen Totilo, because for years I not only saw it as Tolito, but also pronounced it To-lee-doh.

I feel like an old blind man now, and I'm barely 20.