Truly 'Adult' Video Games

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A funny thing happened at a showcase for new PlayStation games last week. A rep for Sony was showing me the PS3's slick new online store, flicked through some of the new classifications for games on the store, each of which has a number next to them indicating how many games fit that category and... wait!... did that category say "adult"?


This is why I don't blink when someone is showing me their new online store.

Yes, there was/is an "adult" category on the new PS3 store, at least in the pre-release version I was being shown. The store doesn't go live in America until later this month, but what I was looking at was pulling in real data. Maybe just not all of it. After all, the word "adult" only had a "1" next to it. I didn't know they had that kind of racy stuff on the PS3. So edgy!

I was a little confused. This pre-release new PSN store had but one adult game in it. And what, I asked the Sony rep who was now probably wishing that I had blinked, is this one adult game on your online game store?

He clicked through.

It was... PlayStation 2 classic Shadow of the Colossus. You know the one? The beautiful, quiet, tragic adventure of a boy who climbs majestic monsters so he can kill them?

Joke's on Sony, right? That's no "adult" game! That's not porn, if that's what you equate "adult" with.

Or maybe the joke's on every other game. Maybe "adult" should mean "adult", as in "for grown-ups", as in "doesn't insult my intelligence." I submit that, under those standards, Shadow of the Colossus fits.


What else fits? Mass Effect 2? Heavy Rain? Journey? Tetris? Let's compile a list below. Submit your picks for truly adult games in the discussion section below. Please include a screenshot to make things look nicer.


The legend of Zelda Majoras Mask. Not to say it wasn't intended to sell as a game for younger people (but if it was, what were they thinking), but I only ever appreciated the subtleties of the individual stories as I grew up to the semi adult I am now.

I am sure fans will know what I am talking about.