True Love Is Found In Nintendo Classics

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Get ready for some feel-good times, as a man and his lady agree to be wed after a night spent dining, drinking wine then playing classic Nintendo RPG series Earthbound.

This kind of stuff is sweet at the best of times, but hacking a copy of Mother 2 (or, as it's known in the West, Earthbound) to insert a marriage proposal? And having the gusto to film it so we can all see? And having a cute puppy in the shot at the same time? It's so sweet our teeth hurt.


Best of luck, Matt & Liz!

Fangamer 11/29/10 06:32PM [Fangamer @ UStream, thanks Casey!]

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Oh, yeah. Really, REALLY original. ¬__¬

Sorry, I can't feel empathy about this video when I saw the exact same thing more than a year ago. This guy used the same exact idea, down to the "YES!" part. Oh, my god, the original video even has a puppy in there as well!

Wow. It's so ripped off it's not funny. D: