Truck Full Of Nintendo Games, Amiibo Stolen

A ton of Nintendo fans in the UK have been left without the games they pre-ordered after a truck full of copies of Splatoon (and related Splatoon Amiibo) was stolen.


The theft of the truck, lifted on its way from Nintendo’s European warehouse to British chain GAME, means that anyone who pre-ordered Splatoon’s Special Edition from the retailer won’t be getting their copy.

MCV reports that affected customers can either cancel their orders or receive the game’s standard edition, along with a £10 discount.

Now, either the truck was stolen at random—the thieves running the risk of picking up a cargo load of cabbage or coat-hangers—or they knew exactly what they were getting.

I know Splatoon looks cool, and Amiibo are rare/valuable, but come on...



Wait until these ones get ready for retail: