Tropico 3 Succumbs To Absolute Power In May

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Tropico 3's upcoming expansion pack, Absolute Power, is your license to print money, as long as you keep it in-game.


Kalpyso Media's reboot of the classic island nation simulation Tropico last year was quite a success, garnering praise from the hardest of strategy game critics, so it's only natural the game get an expansion. Coming in May, Absolute Power gives players even more ways to lord over their island as a benevolent ruler or oppressive tyrant.

Absolute Power will add new buildings, scenery upgrades, and landmarks to the game, along with a new campaign spanning 10 missions, a Loyalist faction that worships the ground you walk on, and new Megalomania edicts that will have your citizens celebrating your rule in the streets - or else!

Check out the full feature listing below for a better idea of what to expect when Absolute Power comes to Tropico 3 this May.

Tropico 3: Absolute Power Features

• New campaign featuring 10 missions on a separate map with 10 islands also available in sandbox mode


• 6 new buildings (including Garbage Dump, Marina, Small Garage, Children's Playground etc) and a new buildings category for current and new decorations with individual icons mode

• 10 new Megalomania edicts - demonstrate your absolute power by ordering the construction of a huge golden statue of Tropico's top export, declaring an annual festival dedicated to yourself or even print your own money!


• 6 Landmarks – Build huge decorations and buildings which dominate the island landscape and make each island unique.

• New faction - The new Loyalist faction are your die hard supporters and want no elections (since you're obviously the best candidate) and want a statue of you on every corner!


• Faction Disasters - Low standing with any island faction will trigger new disasters if not addressed

• New Intro and Win/Lose Cutscenes

• 4 Additional Avatar Costumes – 2 for male and 2 for female avatars

• Beautification upgrades for the presidential palace including rooftop pool, extra towers, flags, banners and a larger balcony (which will increase the effects of balcony speeches)


• More icons displaying the status of buildings and displaying input/output storage numbers for selected buildings

• Prevalent faction - In every sandbox game one faction is chosen as "prevalent" on the island. Members of this faction will be especially numerous throughout the entire game and their satisfaction will be more important than usual


• More Radio Announcements to guide you through Tropico's daily life

• Gravel roads - Second type of road for rural areas with decreased travel speed



in addition to the save file glitch (patched on pc already, 360 patch on the way) there is another problem with both 360 and pc. The game caps your population at arund 515. You just simply stop getting immigrants. I have larger islands that are 75% untouched and no way to keep expanding. It's very frustrating. as you build more stuff your work force just thins out at each place. My farms and fishing wharves all have 1 worker at each.