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Trolled Kickstarter Gets Paid Second Time Around

Illustration for article titled Trolled Kickstarter Gets Paid Second Time Around

Not every shitty Kickstarter story has to have a sad ending. Dimension Driver, the game that was so cruelly cheated of its funding by a troll a few weeks back, has hit its goal second time around.


Asking for the same amount as their first campaign—€30,000—the team has at time of writing made €32,000, and with two weeks left to run should make a few more grand.


For those who missed it first time around, on May 14—with only hours left to run on Dimension Drive’s original Kickstarter—the game had made only €23,000 of the €30,000 required. A mysterious benefactor then stepped in and pledged the remaining €7,000, only for the team to find out (too late) that it was a fraudulent offer.

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They weren’t really cheated of their funding. It’s not like the troll made them hit the goal and then the kickstarter was instantly disabled, preventing anyone else from donating. Without the troll they just would have failed to meet the goal. If anything the troll helped them out by giving them the publicity needed for a 2nd try.