FrozenByte's 2D physics meets magic platformer Trine is now available to purchase an play via Steam, with a price that was briefly a little lower than many expected.

A suggest retail price for the PC of $30-$40 caused a bit of consternation among fans awaiting the PC release of Trine earlier this week, worried that they would be paying near double what the PlayStation 3 players would be paying once the game hits the PlayStation Network. It looked like relief was in sight this morning when the game hit Steam for $19.99, but as I sat here typing this, the price changed, as did the tone of this article. Now the game is $10 more expensive than it was initially, which means the original price was either a mistake, or a cruel joke meant to taunt me. It's a good thing I compulsively hit the refresh button.


So, who is biting, and who would rather wait for the less expensive PlayStation 3 version?

Buy Trine On Steam [Steam]

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