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Trine 2: Director's Cut Will Swing, Leap, and Slice Across Wii U

Puzzling platformer Trine 2 is bringing its trio of heroes to Wii U with a Director's Cut of the game.


Indie title Trine 2, like its predecessor Trine was well-received when it debuted on Xbox Live, PSN, and PC. The game has the player switch on the fly among three characters—a knight, a thief, and a mage—each with their own particular set of skills. All three must work together, through the player's hot-swapping, to traverse each level.

The Wii U-exclusive Director's Cut will be worked over to take advantage of the GamePad controller.

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Looks pretty cool! It reminds me of the old Dungeons & Dragons arcade games, with a bit of Lost Vikings thrown in for good measure.

If anything it shows that the wii U will actually have indie titles that don't suck!