Tricks That Will Help You Become A Better Counter-Strike Player

Playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive like a mere mortal is all well and good, but normal shooter skills will only get you so far in this one. Playing like a diabolical mastermind, though? That takes finesse. Finesse and incredibly specific knowledge.


Jackfrags has kicked off a series exploring Counter-Strike's lesser-known ins and outs, and these are not your typical "don't forget to reload/check your radar/clean your underwear/get a good night's sleep" fare. There are so many small yet crucial tricks in Counter-Strike that it's very nearly mind-boggling. For instance, with a combination of arrow keys and directional positioning, it's possible to scale ladders in the blink of an eye. It's also possible to cancel out most of your footstep sounds, if you know what you're doing. And that's just the beginning.

My favorite tricks covered in this video are right-click dropping flash grenades into smoke grenades (it blinds people to the fact that you're about to make them blind, you see) and the general tips on grenade throws at the end. The short version? Lobbing is bad. But if you can coordinate flashes that enemies won't see coming until it's too late, well, you've got yourself a party. A party where everyone is blind and wants to kill you. So the best kind of party.


Watch the video for a handy round-up of useful tricks. Are there any in here that you didn't know about? What are your favorite Counter-Strike tricks?

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If you're going to point people toward CS tutorials, you need to give some love to the War Owl: I like JackFrags and all, but the War Owl should be every aspiring CS player's bible. Every single one of his videos can help you become a better player, and he goes way beyond the spray pattern/strafe shooting/use smoke videos that most people publish.