Trials Evolution Leaderboards Crash Under the Weight of 100,000 Rabid Fans

Illustration for article titled emTrials Evolution/em Leaderboards Crash Under the Weight of 100,000 Rabid Fans

Microsoft, publisher Ubisoft and developer RedLynx all thought they were ready for the release of Trials Evolution on Xbox Live yesterday. Turns out they weren't.


Players logging onto Xbox Live on Wednesday were met with long load times, missing ghost replays and an inability to connect. Just how many people were crashing their way on the leaderboards when the game became available. Something to the tune of 100,000.

RedLynx explained the problem in a statement to Edge:

"The stress on the leaderboard servers became extremely severe late last evening… For a while, the leaderboards were in read-only mode, then couldn't be read at all. Microsoft worked quickly to deploy more hardware and the situation seems to have stabilised."


There haven't been any reported problems since then so the road's clear for all you crash-happy Trials addicts.

100,000 players cripple Trials servers [Edge]

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