Remember "cone-ing?" Back in 2011, a YouTube user named Alki Stevens racked up ten million views with his video titled "Cone-ing is the New Planking." Young people in Asia, it seems, have just discovered cone-ing.

As reported on a variety of Chinese and Taiwanese sites (such as Stockstar, Xinhuanet, Gamme, etc.), kids are doing their take on cone-ing. Instead of pulling up to the drive-thru, they're ordering at the counter, and then running away.

Here's what spawned this old meme. YouTuber Apple Jai uploaded a video of an ice cream grab on June 20. The video was produced by some folks in Taiwan, and so far, it's racked up 2 million views and even made the Taiwanese news.

That has lead to copycat GIFs popping up on China's social networking site Weibo:

Via Sina Weibo, Stockstar, Xinhuanet

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