If a lesser developer had had the success with the Lego Star Wars series that Traveller's Tales did, we'd be buried up to our necks in bullshit by now. As much as I desire to see every major film property made into a Lego-based video game, I'm quite pleased that a more responsible company than I would run is handling the property. Speaking to Eurogamer, Lego Batman producer Rich Earl reaffirms the company's commitment to quality.

"There's an expectation now that there would be a LEGO game per year, and we certainly feel that one or two games would be the right amount per year, otherwise there'd be a saturation of LEGO games and they'd lose the charm...We're also conscious that we're making games for young kids. We don't want to take the piss out of the consumer and end up making any old rubbish. We're hoping people feel our games are of a high standard and we want to continue doing that."

Thank goodness I say. Games like Lego Caligula and Lego Schindler's List need to stay in my imagination, for the good of all mankind. TT not going to "take the piss" out of LEGO-game fans News [Eurogamer]