Translating The "Dead Rising 2" Trailer

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Last Friday, viral trailer from Capcom popped up online. Some believe it's the Dead Rising 2 trailer. By "some," we mean "all." Throughout, Japanese quickly flashes on the screen. What does it mean, though?


Below is a list of the Japanese that briefly appears in the trailer along with English translations:
1. 完治不可能 = incurable
2. 抑制 = control/suppression
3. 屍病 = literally, "corpse disease"
4. 寄生虫症 = giardiasis (backpacker's diarrhea)*
5. ゾンビ化 = turning into a zombie
6. 感染 = infection


Backpacker's diarrhea? Heh.

*Update: A more accurate translation is simply "parasitic disease" as Giardiasis is a specific type of parasitic disease. Bummer!

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I thought one of them translated to "Drink more Ovaltine."