Transgender Ninja Aerobics Does Not Require Fishnets or Thongs

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In ninjutsu, the concept of "shinobi" ("stealth") is key. So what happens when you mix it with aerobics? Fishnets and a thong, apparently. Sneaky!

Exercise guru and former cabaret dancer Hibari Igano, the self-styled "World's Toughest Transsexual" of Ninja Warrior fame, was a member of a ninja breakdancing team during the 1990s. Once again, she's taken her love of exercise and ninjitsu and merged them into something new. This time, it's "Shinobics".


Hibari seems to be basing her exercise program more off of grueling training ninja underwent, than just sneaking about.

The reason she's so fascinated by ninja is that apparently her family lineage can be traced to Iga, a center for ninja activity. Since she was young, Hibari has studied ninjutsu.

While this routine isn't exactly sweeping the nation, the exercise program looks ass kicking. But while you might break a sweat, don't get any illusions about this being real ninja training for hard-nosed sneaking about. The man who claims to be Japan's last ninja, Jinichi Kawakami, head-butts trees and punches a metal plate for his training. Talk about tough.


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