Tuna. Shrimp. And salmon. These aren't pieces of fish, but rather, transforming robots. Meet Osushi Sentai Sharidaa. They are robots that transform into sushi. Holy mackerel!

Osushi (お寿司) is the polite way to refer to "sushi," "sentai" (戦隊) means "squad," while "sharidaa" (シャリダー) is a pun. "Shari" is the rice used to make sushi; adding the "daa" is a pun on "it is" ("da" or だ) and makes it sound like kind of like "ranger" (レンジャー or "renjaa") in Japanese. You know, like Power Rangers.


As you can see in these photos courtesy of GetNews, the sushi robots are pretty neat:

Takara Tomy, which has been key in creating the Transformers toys, will release the sushi robots this July in Japan, pricing them at 850 yen each. IT Media reports that Takara Tomy hopes to eventually releasing these abroad.

発売未定だけど欲しいぞ! お寿司がヒーローに変形する『お寿司戦隊シャリダー』 [GetNews]

お寿司戦隊シャリダー東京おもちゃショー [Ohiko2000]

ワンプッシュ変形お寿司ロボット「お寿司戦隊シャリダー」発売 ニギリ族VSマカレ族の絶対負けられない戦いが…… [IT Media]

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