NetDragon, the same guys behind the curious-looking Dungeon Keeper Online, were this week revealed as the developers for a new massively-multiplayer online game based on the Transformers license.

The game has been officially sanctioned by Hasbro, will be a role-playing game, and...will only be released (at least initially) in China, "Asia", Russia (and CIS states), the Middle East and North Africa. No North America, no Western Europe, no Australasia.

There are no screenshots, no concept art and no further information on the game (or whether it's based on the original series, comics, Michael Bay's movies, whatever), so all you've got left to do is wildly speculate, dream and hope for the best. Who knows, it may even be good, and as Company of Heroes Online has shown, it's not that unusual for former Asia-only games to be released in the West.


网龙联手孩之宝 开发《变形金刚在线》 [NetDragon, thanks Stanley!]