Trailers On Repeat

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What? It's time for the nightly off-topic open thread on Kotaku? I guess I can pause this Dark Souls trailer and whip up a post for folks to chat in. But this trailer must be re-re-re-re-watched!


You ever have one of those trailers, whether it be for a video game or movie, that forces you to pore over every detail? The kind that you've watched dozens of times, hoping to unearth some new nugget of information—that's what I'm talking about. Boy, did I watch that Star Wars: Episode I trailer a lot. Let's hope Dark Souls goes a little better.

If you want to talk about movie trailers, video games or any of the following things, now's your chance.



So I don't know if a firm date has been given, but it seems like we're pretty close to Kotaku adopting the new Gawker layout.

In a post earlier this week I said I'd be done with commenting on Kotaku once the change happened. I'd love to stick to my guns like that, but I've got to be honest with myself and admit that it's probably not true. I still like the content here, and most of all I like commenting here. As much as I'll hate it, I'm sure I'll end up living with the bullshit and continuing to comment.

It's just disappointing to see this happen when really, all of the feedback I've seen first-hand has been negative. This, from a network of sites that claims to value reader feedback so highly? I'm not one who usually complains, but it just doesn't make any sense to me.