Traffic Can Kill You In Overwatch's New Map

Overwatch player ElatedAmpleAruanas (from Twitter)
Overwatch player ElatedAmpleAruanas (from Twitter)

Overwatch’s upcoming map, Oasis, will crush you. Literally—there’s traffic.

Now live on the PTR, Oasis features cars that drive around its periphery. Will they actually kill you, you might ask? Yes. And then they’ll drive away, probably laughing, as Overwatch player ElatedAmpleAruanas found.


Here’s a full tour of the map, which, bear in mind, could change in the next few days:

Traffic is a new move for Overwatch, which hasn’t had lethal, moving environmental factors yet. Now, we can look forward to 6-Genji Frogger mini-games.

Senior reporter at Kotaku.


Necros Dante

Don’t you mean 6-Lucio Frogger mini-games?