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After looking at the "popularity contest" study done on Nintendo's E3 press conference yesterday, many asked when it would be Microsoft and/or Sony's turn. Today, it's Microsoft's turn.


Bitmob's Andrew Hiscock has applied the same methodology - tracking the positivity or negativity of comments on hardcore gaming board NeoGAF - used for the Nintendo study, only this time with one key difference.


That's because the ups and downs for online followers of the Nintendo conference roughly matched those of the people actually at the conference. But the Microsoft one? Big, big difference at the end. Where live demonstrations of Project Natal went down a treat for those seeing them, well, live, reaction seemed mostly negative to those following online.

Maybe it's because they couldn't see it actually working. Maybe they're just angry, jaded, pessimistic. Maybe everyone in attendance at the actual presser was wrong. Who knows! Whatever the answer, and regardless of the fact the focus group was just one forum, this is still fascinating stuff. Click the thumbnail below to check out the graph in all its glory.

Hardcore Gamers' Reaction to Microsoft's E3 Conference: An Empirical Study Continues [Bitmob]

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