Our first official look at Angry Birds Go! comes not from a trailer or in-game screenshots, but from Hasbro's upcoming line of Telepods and Jenga toys based on the kart-based spin-off. Strange.

Like Angry Birds Star Wars II, Angry Birds Go! will have the ability to scan in physical toys for use in the game, which suggests to me that it won't be the straight-up kart racer I expected. In fact, judging by the Jenga tie-in...

...I'd say it's more of a kart-launcher than a kart racer.

I'll just stick with that assumption until Rovio decides to stop teasing everyone and just comes out and shows us what their damn game looks like. Until then, Hasbro has plenty of pieces of pretty plastic coming to market on October 1, in advance of the game's release later in the fall. Look at them.