DC introduces a whole new audience to the Justice League in theaters this fall, and we’re begin bombarded by pictures the upcoming movie’s take on Wonder Woman, The Flash, Batman, Cyborg and Aquaman. The DC Icons Justice League Rebirth box set couldn’t come at a better time.

Unless the movie somehow flops miserably (like that could happen), this is what a whole new generation of fans will picture when they think of the Justice League.

Batman’s not bad, nor is Wonder Woman. Superman is a little dark, but he’s okay. Then we’ve got bungie cord Flash, Khal Aquaman and an unfortunate accident involving Michael Bay’s Megatron and a Nvidia graphics card.

While the outfits worn by DC’s iconic heroes in the Rebirth event (which I will constantly accidentally refer to as New 52 because I am easily confused) aren’t quite the original, they’re close enough to keep the dream of colorful comic book heroes alive.

Available for a suggested retail price of $110 or so, the DC Icons Justice League Rebirth box set contains seven six-inch figures ready to be rebooted over and over again until DC Comics gets them right, and then rebooted one more time in order to take things just a little too far.

Aquaman always ends up in the back.

None of the figures come with accessories, not even a five-pointed TRIdent, so each character’s hands are balled into fists of rage. Raging fists. So much rage.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan is ready to cut fools with his razor-sharp cheekbones. Power ring? Who needs a power ring?

I am not sure why I posed Wonder Woman doing the Macarena. As the only character wearing heels, she was pretty difficult to make stand, so we’re going to go with it.

Still wish Superman could get his underwear back on the outside where it belongs. The expression on his face doesn’t look nearly as goofy in person.

Aquaman gets a bad rap, but he’s actually a pretty cool guy. If he had open hands sculpted here, he’d be giving a cheery wave.

Batman cares not for any critique I could make. He’s rich, he’s sexy, and the yellow piping around the bat symbol on his chest is hot as hell. Oh, and the inside of his cape (see the video up top) is purple. He’s the man.

Flash is why we can’t just have solid-color costumes. The yellow lines here are supposed to represent the speed force, I suppose, but they seem like a costume maker’s nightmare. Needs more Grant Gustin.

Man, if only the movie Cyborg looked like this. Hell, if only the movie Cyborg looked like the one from the Teen Titans Go! cartoon. The symbol on his chest is easily modded into a Cyberman chest piece from Doctor Who, so bonus points there.


As we get closer and closer to the culmination of a couple years of planning and a whole lot of script rewriting, the DC Icons New 52 Justice League box set is a nice way to preserve the integrity of the world’s greatest superhero team not featuring Squirrel Girl.