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Sony has updated its official PlayStation Move page with a couple of new games taking advantage of the PlayStation 3's upcoming motion controller, Toy Story 2 and Brunswick Pro Bowling. I hope those wrist straps are sturdy.


Of the two latest additions to the Move's list of supported titles, Brunswick Pro Bowling is listed as one of the games made specifically for use with the device, which makes perfect sense. Wii Sports Bowling was one of the hottest topics during the Wii launch, mainly due to the number of broken televisions reported due to its use, but in no small part because it was simply fun to play. There's just a strange sort of chemistry between motion control and bowling, a sport that includes beer on its equipment list.

Toy Story 3, the video game tie-in to Disney-Pixar's upcoming computer animated feature, will support the Move as well, although players not wishing to deal with motion controls will be right at home with the Dualshock 3 or Sixaxis.

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