If you've suffered a bump on the head and forgotten your Xbox Live Arcade Block Party release schedule, here's a reminder that Toy Soldiers is your XBLA game of the week, a rare World War I-themed video game.

What makes Toy Soldiers a bit more common, however, is its "tower defense" brand of gameplay, pitting toys against toys in base defending action in single-player and two-player online versus modes. Swinging back to uncommon territory is the ability to control individual units, including snipers, mounted gunners and biplanes.


The Signal Studios-developed Xbox Live Arcade game is 1200 Microsoft Points worth of fun.

If you'd prefer to spend less on far more trifling Xbox 360 content, Gears of War Avatar dress-up outfits are cheaper this week, giving you COG armor and helmets for 80 Microsoft Points less than you'd usually spend.