Touch World Of Goo On Your iPad (Soon)

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2D Boy, makers of WiiWare/PC hit World of Goo, are bringing their game to Apple's iPad, bringing with it support for up to 11 fingers at once. When can we expect this all-new, touchscreen-controlled World of Goo?


"As soon as we get approved by Apple," explains 2D Boy. "We hope before the holiday season."

The physics-based puzzle game sure seems like a good fit for the iPad, so we're looking forward to before the holiday season. 2D Boy says that an iPhone version is a definite "maybe," writing that if Apple's phone is up to the technical challenge it's under consideration.


World of Goo on iPad Releasing Soon [2D Boy]

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I feel like this game will be way easier. The hard part was having to do it one by one. I can just drop ten in a row and build a bridge...right?