Touch My Katamari Finally Changes Katamari Damacy

Once upon a time, Namco's Katamari Damacy was the freshest of games. You controlled a little green guy who rolled up stuff to make a bigger and bigger ball that could roll up bigger and bigger stuff.


Then Katamari Damacy got stale. Namco made too many similar sequels. The game's inventor, Keita Takahashi left Namco. And now, on the eve of the launch of Sony's next handheld, the PlayStation Vita, Namco, without Takahashi, has a new one coming out. This time, they say, there's a twist that makes it fresh again.

The twist? Touch My Katamari lets you squeeze the Katamari ball: flattening it to work like a rolling pin that can slip into tight spots; squishing it into a wheel so it can roll faster and go quickly up ramps.

Watch the video to see how it's done. This is a launch Vita game, so it will be out in North America in mid-February.



Don't celebrate for too long, Sony. This looks like the kind of game that might come out on iOS.