FotS occupies a very strange place in the catalogue of Total War titles. In introducing modern technology it's got some of the most radical advances we've yet seen for the game, but at the same time it marries it to a setting and underlying system of mechanics that have been largely unchanged since Empire: Total War's release in 2009.


By making it a standalone expansion, Creative Assembly and Sega have pitched this just right. It's got more than enough changes to keep Shogun 2 veterans interested, and by being a standalone title it can lure in those longtime fans of the series who may not have got into the previous title but want to check out how Ironclads, rifles and railways impact the game's style.

Which they should. Because what could have been game-breaking additions to a tried-and-tested formula have been handled pretty damn well.


Oh, and while I've got you, if this isn't a test-bed for Total War: Victoria/Civil War, I'll eat the Shogun's hat, sharp bits and all.

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