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Toronto Mayor's Crack Scandal Lands Him His Own Video Game

Illustration for article titled Toronto Mayors Crack Scandal Lands Him His Own Video Game

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been having a rough year, having allegedly been caught on tape smoking crack and then subjected to the great and terrible scrutiny of our sister site, Gawker proper. At least he got a video game out of the deal . Can you help Ford avoid reporters and crack pipes long enough to earn the cash to buy back the incriminating video?


Extra! Extra! Games' Stay Mayor, now available for free on Google Play, doesn't specifically call this particular mayor Rob Ford, but just look at the guy. That is not a healthy video game character. Oh, and there's also the app description.

Uh oh. Looks like the Mayor’s in a buttload of friggin’ trouble with that alleged video of him smoking crack! And who knows if it even exists, amiright? But juuust in case, why don’t you help him collect a heap of cash to buy it before The Gawker does. Only your twinkle toes can out-maneuver the Blood Thirsty Media to help him collect more than they did in that damn “Crackstarter” campaign. $201,255 to be exact. And hey, everyone needs a little boost now and then, so make sure you collect power up buckets of deep-fried courage for more footballs to throw at life’s problems... but make sure you avoid those pesky crackpipes!


Unless Gawker's been on a hush-hush Crackstarting bender while I wasn't looking, I'd say that's the guy.

Stay Mayor is not a very good game starring the likeness of a man who is not a very good mayor, so it all balances out. You can get it free on Google Play right here.

Illustration for article titled Toronto Mayors Crack Scandal Lands Him His Own Video Game

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Personally I think Gawker using crowdsource funding to raise money for this is just plain wrong. Sure the Ford is a giant douche, but whether the video is real or not they are still going to be putting money directly into the hands of some of the worst gangs and drug dealers on the continent.

And is it really necessary when images like this already exist?