Toribash For WiiWare Ups The Ragdoll Gore

Nabi Studios Toribash for WiiWare looks amazingly violent, even if the combat is between a pair of plastic ragdolls made of elliptical shapes. It's bright, beautiful and, as defined by its tagline, "violence perfected."

The folks at Nabi Studios have begun showing off some recent development updates made to the WiiWare version of the title, pointing out to us that "fight flows are a lot smoother," as are the game's "blood" smears. While we're still a little confused about how we'll play Toribash with a Wii Remote, we'll play it regardless, because it remains one of the most interesting WiiWare titles on the radar.

Nabi reps also note that the game has added fight scene editing features and teases a soon to be announced release date, writing "Shouldn't be long now before we finish dev. :)" Note to devs: we love smiling emoticons!

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