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Topless Bathing Man Covered In Ketchup

Illustration for article titled Topless Bathing Man Covered In Ketchup

Yep! That's right. Topless man. Covered in ketchup. Kotakuite "Neo Deus" sends this, writing:

Don't worry, Kotaku! I haven't gone all Patrick Bateman on you! I realized that my apartment contains lamentably few red items, and so I had to make due with what I DID have...and that included a jumbo-sized bottle of ketchup and about half a cup's worth of red food coloring.


Neo Deus adds, "Please pray for the roommate that was forced to take this picture." Why we would be concerned about your roommate? He's only living with some dude who smears his body with ketchup and takes baths in BLOOD.

What's happening? We're giving away a copy of futuristic third-person-shooter Red Faction: Guerrilla, platform of your choice. Here's how you can win it:

Take a picture of red things - the more the better! Be sure to include a "Kotaku sign" in the picture. Send your entries to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom and have a very nice day.


Oh, and read our rules. Because that's the rule, and rules are rules.

Red Faction [Official Site]

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It's obvious but I must say it. He has really pretty white teeth..

I guess he smiled to make this scene less creepy...