There’s no gameplay in this video for The Silent Enemy, the new project being made by the creators of Papo & Yo. But, as you watch the various staffers of Minority Media face the camera or talk about their roles in the game, you realize that there's a good reason that gameplay takes a backseat.


Papo & Yo took the life experience of Minority’s Vander Caballero—growing up with an alcoholic dad—and made it into a poignant, playable fable. Silent Enemy has similar origins, spinning out of the teasing and harassment that creative director Ernest Webb endured because he grew up as the child of white and Cree aboriginal parents. But, the simple, silent acknowledgments echoed by his co-workers make it clear that Silent Enemy might have something to say to anyone who’s ever been bullied. Or even more importantly, it might even talk to the people doing the bullying. The game will be debuting exclusively on the Ouya console is in development for multiple platforms and will be out some time in the near future.


Update: Minority representatives got in touch to let Kotaku know that Silent Enemy won't be an Ouya exclusive. This post has been changed to reflect that.

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