Having teased such an announcement earlier in the week, at tonight's Spike VGAs skate legend Tony Hawk made it official: after a short hiatus in 2011, his series will be back in 2012 with Tony Hawk HD.

And it sounds pretty great. Rather than risk screwing everything up with a new game like the last 117 entries in the series managed, it's going back to the franchise's roots and will be taking select levels from Tony Hawk's 1 & 2, recreating them in "HD" and releasing it all digitally in the first half of 2012.

Hawk told Joystiq that classic levels School and Downhill be in the game, while you can see Warehouse in the trailer above. If the original soundtracks make it as well, that would be awesome.

'Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD' to blend parts of first two Hawk titles in early 2012 on 'digital platforms' [Joystiq]